Your safety has always been our guiding principle at Olde World Sailing.  The health concerns of the Coronavirus are no different.

Like most businesses in the nation, due to the Coronavirus pandemic we discontinued sailing operations until health authorities indicate it is safe to resume business activities.  The state of Florida has now begun Phase I to reopen some businesses as long as they practice Social Distancing, mask wearing, and avoiding large groups, particularly in indoor spaces.

Olde World Sailing has developed the Phase I Reopening Plan below using these three benchmarks which were endorsed by national health authorities.

Thank you so much for considering Olde World Sailing Line.  We look forward to welcoming you aboard and to again showing you the Tampa Bay Area from the sea with safety and elegance.


Olde World Sailing Line

Since March 1, Olde World Sailing Line has discontinued sailing operations as prescribed by U.S. health experts.  These health officials have now said it was safe to begin some business activities based on specific guidelines.

U.S. Health Official Guidelines for PHASE I business reopening:

* Social Distancing –Remain at least 6 feet from other non-household people.

* Wear masks or face coverings when outdoors and around other people

* Avoid large groups of people, particularly in indoor spaces

For the safety of our guests and crew, Olde World Sailing Line has developed a

Phase I Reopening Plan:

1.     All sailing cruises will be private, with no more than two guests aboard.  Guests will verify they are not sick or feeling ill, and have not been in contact with any individuals known or suspected to be COVID-19 positive.

2.     No-touch forehead temperatures will be taken for all guests and crew before boarding, and you will be asked to use provided hand sanitizer upon boarding.

3.     Guests will wear facemasks before entering the dock gate at the parking lot and continue to wear them until permitted to remove them once seated aboard the boat.

4.     Comfortable padded armchairs will be provided on the foredeck of the boat (lots of fresh air in private setting).  Guests will not leave the bow foredeck area.  If the restroom is needed, guests will wear masks when moving back to the bridge area and stairway below decks, and use the provided hand sanitizer after using the head.

5.     During the 3-Hour Sail no food will be served.  Guests are welcome to bring their own snacks or alcoholic beverages.  A cooler will be located on deck with water and soft drinks, as well as a place for your snacks as needed.

6.     Guests will wear masks when departing the vessel and dock area at the conclusion of the cruise.

Our Phase I Reopening Plan is temporary.  The Plan revises Olde World’s traditional business structure and practices, as business all over the world have had to do.  We look forward to the day when we can resume full operations.   Thank you for sailing with us.  We are committed to continuing to provide you with the TripAdvisor 5-Star service you have honored us with for the past eight years in Tampa Bay.

Exclusive Private Sailing Cruise

$495 per Couple