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Bullet Proof

On March 1 Jeff Yates posted on our Face Book fan page about Lionheart, “Love these old CSY yachts, why because I helped build every one.”   CSY’s (Caribbean Sailing Yacht) were designed and constructed right here in Tampa throughout the ‘70’s and 80’s in a ship building facility near the Gandy Bridge.  The Tampa Bay […]

How to Talk Like a Sailor – You Already Do!

Ahoy, mates! In the spirit of Olde World Sailing Line’s dedication to the tribute of the Golden Age of Sea Travel, we’d like to pass along some unconscious salutes we all pay to our nautical history every day. Much of our everyday lexicon is steeped in our maritime legacy, from colorful sailors, pirates, and military […]

Tall Ship, Lynx

One of the authentic and inspirational aspects of the craziness of Gasparilla this year was the surprising appearance of the tallship, Lynx. Unfortunately, not many Gasparilla viewers were able to see this great ship because her deep draft restricted her passage to the deeper waters of the Bay. During Saturday’s invasion, on January 26, she […]

Lionheart Joins Gaspar’s Navy

The Gasparilla Pirate Fest is a mainstay of Tampa’s social calendar.  Held each year in late January (some years early February) since 1904, the Gasparilla pirate ship invasion and parades bring between $20M – $40M of booty into the city’s coffers, according to a 2007 study.   This year’s festival and pirate invasion on January 26 […]

2012 Sails Into the Sunset

The final sailings of 2012 were spectacular. The light itself on these short December days has a different quality than that of the warmer months. The air is more crisp and clear, seeming to move the visual horizon miles beyond the dog days of summer. The reflective shimmer on the waters is spell binding. Even […]

Sailing into the New Year

Sailing in Florida December waters is often a crapshoot. It can be gloriously sunny or a bit nippy and blustery. This beautiful late December day was both – with only three days left of 2012 we were treated to bright clear skies with moderate breezes and temperatures that made your jacket most welcome. Lionheart’s huge […]

“Don’t feel sorry for me. I’ve fed tens of thousands”

Among the very special joys of sailing are the interesting places and fascinating people you often stumble upon when least expected.  Such was the case this weekend walking the extensive shoreline dock of Port Salerno, near Stuart, Florida.  The dock, which extends for what seemed like a half-mile or more, is on the west shore […]