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A Back Stage Pass to Olde World: A Tribute to the Elegance and Service of Another Time

Our goal for the Olde World Sailing Line is to provide our guests an experience they will long remember, and by so doing, that our guests will help us grow by sharing these memories with friends and family. To differentiate our company from the scores of other sailboat ride operations up and down the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts and to develop a product that truly exudes excellence and quality, Kathy and I decided from the design phase to create a sailing line that celebrated the romance and opulence of the Golden Age of Sea Travel as well as the era of the tall ships. The period is remembered for its over-the-top service, attention to every detail, and level of amenities long lost in today’s travel industry.


Sailing in Florida’s late summer is problematic at best – winds are generally extremely light and sometimes non-existent, with the days punctuated with often violent afternoon thunderstorms. It is an ideal time for haul-out and maintenance chores in preparation for the generally excellent conditions Florida waters offer sailors throughout most of the year. For Kathy […]

Come Sail with Us on an Ocean-Going Classic

Do something worth remembering. Come sail with the iconic Lionheart, flagship of Olde World Sailing Line, as we pay tribute to the elegant, bygone era of First Class sea travel. A sailing journey is a vivid tapestry for the senses… inhale the fragrance of the salt-tinged breeze, hear the sound a seashell makes, feel the gentle cadence of […]