Elegant Dinner On Your Sunset Cruise from Tampa

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Hors d’oeuvres on Deck. First Class

Olde World Sailing Line has developed a reputation for providing the most luxurious day cruises from Tampa. Are you ready for a Tampa romantic getaway? Whether a beautiful Half Day Sail, Full Day Sail, or magnificent Sunset Cruise, we strive to make every sail a very special occasion for our guests. Each cruise features elegant hors d’oeuvres, fresh flowers, imported chocolates, live music, all aboard a 44’ world class sailing yacht.

Dinner at the Captain’s Table

It is on Olde World’s Sunset Dinner Cruises, however, that Lionheart pulls out all the stops. Dinner Cruises cast off from the Tampa River Walk docks a couple hours prior to sunset. After riding the winds toward the setting sun over Tampa Bay, your teak table is set with fine china, cloth napkins, and silverware. In the galley, your chef is preparing a full 3-course dinner that you selected prior to your cruise, catered from a downtown Tampa restaurant.

As the sun sets, Lionheart becomes your own private “waterfront restaurant”. Your meal is accompanied by the music of a Celtic harp, played by Kathryn, former Florida Orchestra principal harpist. Desserts, chocolates, and bubbly as you wish. Magnificent.

Sunset Cruise Tampa

Romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise

Tampa romantic getaways

Elegant Dinner Music

Truly the Premier Tampa Boat Trip

Then conclude your Tampa romantic getaway with a sail back toward civilization and to the spectacular colors of city’s waterfront after dark. You haven’t seen the Tampa Bay area until you’ve seen it from the sea. And you’ll have a completely different and magical impression, when you experience it after nightfall.


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Tampa Dockside following Sunset Cruise

Tampa Dockside following Sunset Cruise






2012 Sails Into the Sunset

Diamonds of light

Sunshine Skyway on the Faraway Horizon

The final sailings of 2012 were spectacular. The light itself on these short December days has a different quality than that of the warmer months. The air is more crisp and clear, seeming to move the visual horizon miles beyond the dog days of summer. The reflective shimmer on the waters is spell binding. Even the sounds of the gulls, diving pelicans, and broaching dolphins seem more intense. Winter sailing in Florida has a magic all its own.

One of our favorite places to ring in the New Year is the Vinoy Basin in St. Petersburg. This protected small anchorage is surrounded by one of the most vibrant waterfront communities in Florida. High-end shops line Beach Drive, beautiful parks with sculptures, sprawling banyan trees, and a rare kapok tree, world famous museums, and eclectic restaurants. And of course standing guard at the mouth of the harbor is the iconic St. Petersburg Pier – even more beautiful as seen from the water. A decades-old Florida landmark.

Few communities put on a better firework show to welcome the New Year than St. Pete. And no better place to be awed by them than from an anchored boat. Please enjoy and “like” our pix of our year-end sailing festivities – better yet, come and join us as we sail into 2013. And don’t forget to check out our higher res photos on Pinterest.

Last New Years for the St. Pete Pier

Last New Years for the St. Pete Pier

Can't be too careful about that December Florida sun.

Can’t be too careful about that December Florida sun.






Conch Horn Tribute to Day's End

Conch Horn Tribute to Day’s End



Rockets Red Glare

Please, just one.

Please, just one.

Sailing into the New Year

Camille says "...this isn't a seat - it's heaven!"

Camille says “…this isn’t a seat – it’s heaven!”

Sailing in Florida December waters is often a crapshoot. It can be gloriously sunny or a bit nippy and blustery. This beautiful late December day was both – with only three days left of 2012 we were treated to bright clear skies with moderate breezes and temperatures that made your jacket most welcome.

Lionheart’s huge bridge area can be enclosed on four sides for comfort in cooler weather. Throughout most of the year no windows are necessary, but after Christmas this year the front panels became a welcome addition to break the chilly breezes.

Good friends, fresh sea air, and following seas – what a glorious way to sail into the New Year.

Mindy - Master and Commander

Mindy – Master and Commander

Steady as she goes, Camille.

   Steady as she goes, Camille.


Sam and Mindy

Sam & Mindy

Sharon enjoyed the blanket.

Sharon enjoyed the blanket.