Q: How are Olde World Sailing Line cruises different from sailboat rides provided by other companies?

A: Each cruise honors the golden age of sea travel, with its elegance, gracious service, and First Class entertainment aboard an authentic blue water sailing yacht. These are the qualities that make us unique as we work hard to forge long-lived memories for each of our VIP guests.  Your voyage aboard Lionheart is “much more than a boat ride”.

Q: Is there music aboard?

A: Not only music – there be live music! And a state-of-the-art sound system. From the tall ships of centuries past, music played a critical onboard role on most ships, for work, crew morale, and pure pleasure. Sea shanties have been passed down for generations and have become an important part of our maritime heritage. Lionheart embraces and brings to life this legacy and the grand musical traditions of early 20th Century ocean liners.

Q: Is food available?

PLEASE NOTE: When sails resume our food service will be temporarily modified for our COVID-19 Phase I Reopening Plan.  Olde World Sailing will provide a cooler on deck with simple hors d’ouevers, water and sodas, and you will be welcome to use it for any snacks or alcoholic beverages you would like to bring along. Dinner sails have been suspended indefinitely.   We will post more about our future Phase I Reopening when conditions warrant.

A: On most of our competitor’s single-day sailing trips, customers are offered a bag of chips and soft drinks – if they’re offered anything at all! Aboard Lionheart you will be served surprise culinary delights that are beyond the ordinary. While only our special dinner cruises serve full meals, remember that our mission is to pay tribute to the grand traditions of elegant sea travel… expect to be pampered. You won’t go away hungry!

Q: What happens if we need to reschedule or cancel our Olde World Sailing Cruise?

A: Most reschedules or cancellations are due to unfavorable weather.  We will call you if weather conditions do not look good and you can reschedule or cancel your cruise as needed.  For this reason, we do not charge your credit card until the day of your sail.  If personal reasons require you to reschedule or cancel, 24 hour notice before your cruise enables us to adjust our planning.  If you need to cancel within less than 24 hours  (or do not arrive at the time of your sail), refunds cannot be accommodated.

While we always try to give customers as much notice as possible regarding schedule changes, Olde World Sailing reserves the right to cancel any sail at any time.

Q: Will I get seasick?

A: As an aircraft pilot as well as sea captain with decades of experience in tropical waters, closely monitoring weather conditions is second nature to Captain Mac. In addition to aviation and NOAA weather resources, Lionheart has onboard electronics providing live wave and wind data from sea buoys throughout the area. She is a heavily constructed, stout vessel that is extremely comfortable in most all sea conditions. Our goal is to provide you with extraordinary memories that will last a lifetime. Your pale green face wouldn’t fit this guest experience profile – so you can be sure if the water and weather isn’t picture-perfect – we don’t go and you don’t pay!

Q: How many guests will fit on Lionheart?

Note:  When sails resume our Phase I COVID-19 reopening plan will limit our sails to the VIP Concierge evening for two.  We will post more about our future Phase I Reopening Plan at that time.

A: Lionheart has one of the largest bridge decks of any sailing vessel of her class. Covered with a hard roof, this area could comfortably seat 8 people under deep shade from the Florida sun. More could be accommodated on the spacious fore-deck area and aft deck. But that’s not our goal – you are our VIP guests and deserve roomy accommodations.  Lionheart never sails with more than a half dozen guests.   And unlike other sailing companies that require minimum passenger loads, Lionheart will happily sail with only you and your special someone if others haven’t booked for your cruise – your own private yacht!

Q: What should we bring and what should we wear?

A: Be sure to bring your still and/or video camera – you haven’t seen the Suncoast until you’ve experienced it from the sea! Sunscreen and a hat for daytime sails and light jacket during the cooler months are usually wise.  Lionheart carries cozy custom blankets for cool nights on deck.  Please wear only soft-soled shoes aboard (teak decks scuff easily), unless you’d rather wear no shoes at all – many do. Feel free to bring your favorite adult beverages – we will proudly pour them for you with class and flair.

Q: What sea life are we likely to encounter?

A: Dolphins visit Lionheart on most every cruise throughout the year. They love to play in our bow wake while under sail. We see manatees quite often as they come and go from the warmer power plant waters of the area. In the winter months, entire flocks of the shy White Pelicans are a common site. Their all white bodies contrast starkly with their black-feathered under-wings. Most Florida visitors, and many residents, have never seen the white pelican as they don’t hang out at the docks like Brown Pelicans. On our special Full Moon Cruises, you’ll often see one the most spectacular sights of all – the luminescence of the sea (Sea Fire), caused by millions of plankton suspended in the water. It’s another pure magic of the sea!

Q: What kind of safety equipment and procedures do you have?

Learn about our COVID-19 Safety Precautions when sails resume . . .

A: Olde World Sailing Line takes safety extremely seriously. We regularly conduct various emergency drills and conduct passenger safety briefings before each cruise. Your crew holds current certifications in CPR and First Aid, and there is a comprehensive first aid kit onboard at all times. Captain Mac holds a U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain’s License, which requires many more years of experience than a standard Captain’s License as well as additional education. This training includes emergency procedures, man-over-board protocol, fire prevention, and much more.  Kathy also earned her Captain’s license in 2017.  Lionheart exceeds U.S. Coast Guard Regulations minimum safety equipment requirements, to include multiple satellite navigation systems, marine radios, man-overboard equipment, flares, and E.P.I.R.P. Ensuring your safety and comfort is our most important mission.

Due to the presence of both diesel and propane on board, smoking of any kind is not allowed on Lionheart.  We appreciate your understanding.

Q: Can I take the helm?

A: Absolutely! Captain Mac has taught sailing for over six years (Basic, Advanced, Piloting and Navigation, and Heavy Weather Sailing) and is passionate about sharing “the ropes” of seamanship with all who are interested. And you’re most welcome to take the helm, not just for a quick photo op moment, but to stand watch for a significant time, if you like. You’ll be saying, “Aarrrgh!” to everyone you meet in no time. Be careful, though, this stuff is contagious!  [During our future Phase I COVID-19 Reopening Plan we will  unfortunately be unable to offer this part of the sailing experience.  But sailing questions are always most welcome!]

Q: Anything else we should know?

A: Yes – make sure you ask. Remember this is your personal retreat and our goal is to make your adventure as pleasurable, decadent, and enjoyable as you’d like. If there are special things you’d like to see, places you’d like to go, experiences you prefer – please let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

We will send you directions to the ship and more details about your cruise just prior to your sailing date.

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