August/September 2019 Cruises Rescheduled

During the summer months, Florida is the lightning capital of the nation.  The past several years have been worse than usual, with thunder storms occurring almost daily in the Tampa Bay Area.  During August 2018, for example, Olde World Sailing Line was able to sail only two cruises due to threatening weather throughout the period.  Scores of other passengers were disappointed to have their cruises cancelled at the last minute due to pending storms.

The safety of our guests has been Olde World Sailings’ #1 priority throughout our 7-year history.  For this reason we will not schedule any sailing cruises during the months of August and September, the most active thunderstorm time. 

If you are holding Olde World Sailing Gift Certificates that expire in Sept/Aug 2019, we will extend their expiration dates appropriately. 

To all our prospective guests, PLEASE DO MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS FOR OCTOBER AND BEYOND!  October begins the best time of year for sailing in Florida – our dates book up quickly.  It costs nothing to get on our calendar and reserve your first class seat aboard Lionheart.  We do not charge any credit cards until you actually sail.  This practice avoids the need for refunds if good weather doesn’t bless your sailing date. 

Thank you so much for your interest in Olde World Sailing Line.  Kathy and I look forward to welcoming you aboard Lionheart for a relaxing and SAFE sailing experience.

Gentle Breezes and Brilliant Sunsets,

Captain James McManus
Captain Kathy McManus